Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Week: Memories

Last year, I completed my first Holiday Week on my blog. I got the idea from Nora. A week of holiday posts, writing about whatever your heart desires. Beginning my second year with a list of memories from Christmas’s past that fill me with utter joy and glee whenever I reminisce about them.

> Staying up an entire Christmas Eve night/Christmas morning with my brother when we were in middle school. I ended up falling asleep at 10:00am the next morning, but we were so proud of ourselves because we had tried to do this for so many years. The key was to watch loud, action movies. They kept us awake and our minds busy.

> Waking up one Christmas morning to seeing two bikes parked in the kitchen/dining room by our sliding glass doors. Mine was pink with pretty sparkly streamers. I can still remember how surprised and excited I was to see my bike.

> Waking our parents up at 6am to open presents and my dad tiredly saying, rubbing sleep from his eyes, “Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.”


> Going to the mall one evening in December with my brother when we were in high school to buy her Christmas presents. Coming home and stealing away to my room to wrap the presents. Coming out with the wrapped gifts to place them under the twinkling tree. Annnnd forgetting to throw away the bags everything came in so she saw the stores we bought things from. (Talk about a major joy killer!)

> Finding a mysterious large box in my walk-in closet that my brother and I grilled my mom about all throughout December. She insisted it was a gift for my cousin my uncle had asked her to keep. Turns out? It was our very first computer. Best gift ever.


> The anticipation of counting down to Christmas, whether it be in my classroom (we usually made paper links) or with a Christmas countdown at home. Getting to the single-digit days were exciting.

> Dressing up the Christmas tree with mismatched ornaments, many created by my brother and me.

> Creating the most hideous Christmas cookies with as much frosting, sprinkles, and M&M’s as we could.


> Being given the “Toys R Us” catalog and circling all the toys I wanted.

> Waking up on Christmas morning to see the cookies and milk my brother and I left for Santa gone, and a letter written by him in its place.

> Candlelight services at church. They never fail to fill me with Christmas spirit and remind me of the real reason this time is so special.

> Making my first gingerbread house, even if it was put together wrong and a wall began caving in minutes after I finished decorating it.

What’s one holiday memory that you have from your own childhood?

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