Monday, January 2, 2012

Everyday Moments: December 2011

1 - Warmed up chocolate chip cookies

2 - Beginning my Christmas shopping with a shirt for my nephew and a new harness for Dutch

3 - Game night with my mom and brother

4 - gChatting with Katherine and coming up with an awesome idea for 2012: making 12 small changes - 1 a month - to transform my life into something that is healthier and happier for me.

5 - Finishing a really great book and starting another really great book

photo (6)

6 - Spoonfuls of cookie dough

7 - Finally having an easy run that felt fun. After weeks of tough runs, it was much needed.

8 - Getting let out of jury duty by 11:00am. (I was questioned, but not picked for the jury.)

9 - A nice, productive day at home

10 - A full day of Christmas shopping, including meeting up with my brother at Target to start shopping for our mom.

11 - My second day of getting 8 full hours of sleep

12 - Buying my nephew some well-loved books

photo (27)

13 - A busy, but super productive day at work

14 - Turning the TV off by 8:30pm to spend time reading and slowly getting ready for bed.

15 - Baking cookies

16 - Sleeping in until 11, a day of Christmas shopping

17 - Nephew time. It was short and sweet but good God, I love that kid so much, it’s ridiculous. :)

photo (5)

18 - A Christmas get-together with family

19 - The beginning of Holiday Week

20 - A cheesy, predictable Christmas movie

21 - Putting the presents back under the tree

22 - Finishing out my first week managing the media department by myself. And doing a pretty good job at it, if I do say so myself!

23 - A cheesy, predictable romance novel (Are we sensing a theme here?)

24 - Christmas Eve. A day full of anticipation of what is to come on Christmas.

photo (15)

25 - Christmas! Presents, family time, and food. Nothing better.

26 - Buying new froofy pillows to match my new bedspread.

27 - Starting on my 70th book to read this year.

28 - Episodes of Happy Endings. I just started watching this show. It’s so funny!

29 - A really fun day at work where half our morning was spent chit-chatting over chocolate cake in the conference room and part of the afternoon was spent enjoying a delicious Caribbean meal at a restaurant in town.

30 - Having a day off work to catch up on life.

31 - Spending New Year’s Eve with my brother and my mom. Perfect.

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