Friday, January 20, 2012

Five For Friday

1 - I’ve been chatting with a few friends about meeting up for a fun blogger getaway weekend. Some people are a bit bummed they won’t be able to make it to Bloggers in Sin City this year (I am not. I will be on a cruise instead. Sorry I’m not sorry.) and I have read way too many recaps of bloggers getting together for fun girls’ weekends that I decided 2012, I am organizing a weekend of my own. Right now, nothing is being done but I want to get some sort of email chain going so we can discuss where to go, what to do, etc. I’m thinking sometime later in the year, since I have to save up my time off at work for my cruise and then build it back up when I come back. I know this is way in advance but if you’re interested in a bloggers’ weekend this fall, let me know in the comments or in a email, or just send me a tweet. I am going to make this happen!

2 - I’m very hesitant to talk about my job on here but I will say that things are going good. Not great. Not excellent. But good. I am eternally grateful for my boss taking a chance on a girl fresh out of college, and I’m learning a lot. Mostly about what I want in life. What my skill sets are and what I want to do with myself. Marketing is an interesting field to work in, but it has me pondering what God’s plan for my life really is.

3 - I joined a women’s Bible study at my church this past week. When I heard they were going to be doing a Beth Moore study, it kicked the urge to go into higher gear because I love Beth Moore. She’s an incredible speaker, writer, and all-around woman. It was a huge group, but divided into about 12-13 smaller groups of about 8-10 women. (Did I mention huge?!) But it was also so good for me to be in that environment, surrounded by so many other Christian women.

4 - I’ve had a great response to my blogging survey. I have my reasons for doing so, mainly to see if there are any posts people love more than others and to get a handle on what people think about me talking more about my faith on this blog (since I’m kind of blunt and in-your-face when I do talk about my faith...). I plan on going over the results on Monday but if you haven’t filled it out yet, here’s the link to get to the survey.

5 - This Sunday is the AFC and NFC Championships for NFL Football. I am incredibly nervous for Sunday since my brother’s favorite team, the San Fransisco 49ers, are in the NFC Championship game. This is their first playoff appearance in 9 years and they’ve lots of terrible years of crappy football behind them. Last week was an incredibly stressful week where I actually got a headache from watching the game with my brother. He’s one of the most passionate guys I’ve ever met when it comes to football, especially as it relates to his Niners. (And as a side note, I am rooting for the Ravens, too! The Patriots have become one of the most boring teams to watch. So passionless. So unemotional.) It should be a fun Sunday of football!

Let me know if you’re interested in a blogger getaway weekend this fall! Who are you rooting for this Sunday?

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