Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In {2}


I have had many “first weeks” when it comes to committing to a healthier lifestyle. I never feel too confident in my abilities because I can’t seem to let go of all the times I have been on plan for a while, but then I fall off when it all becomes too much. And I know until I can release my past attempts and focus on the here and now, this battle will not be won. It’s something I’m working on.

I had a good week, especially since the weekend was spent in playoff glory where unhealthy food and snacks abounded. But the sweet thing about Weight Watchers is that nothing is off-limits. I can eat whatever I want - as long as I account for it. I saved up my weekly points and used the majority of it on the weekend. And I kept everything within reason. I didn’t overindulge but I didn’t deprive myself. I’m actually quite proud of how in control I managed to stay this week.

My goal for January for “Twelve Changes” is to start drinking more water. Ultimately, I want to eliminate Coke from my diet (not completely, but to drastically reduce it). Some days, this is an incredibly hard change and I struggle so much with giving in to my craving to have a soda. Other days, it’s easy as pie. More and more, I see myself getting into the mindset where my life doesn’t revolve around when I’m going to get my next soda. I have slipped a few times and I’m still usually ordering a soda with my meal when I eat out (but I try to throw it away when my meal is over, if I get something to go). But the truth is? I’m getting better. It’s going to be a long process and I’m making changes to my lifestyle that are going to last for longer than simply January. I can’t say I’m following the plan I set for myself to a tee, but I’m learning and I’m trying my best.  Sure, I could do better but that’s what the next two weeks are about. Taking what I learned in the first half of the month and apply it to the second. I plan on exceeding my expectations, thankyouverymuch.

Starting Weight (1/11/12): 157.0 lbs
Current Weight (1/18/12): 155.2 lbs
Weight Lost This Week: 1.8 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 1.8 lbs

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