Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Was About...

january 2012

  • Watching my mom run her second marathon
  • Dealing with the news that my grandma’s colon cancer had come back for the third time, but that it was treatable and would require no chemotherapy.
  • Making plans to start a huge move to self-hosted Wordpress
  • Major, debilitating anxiety at work that had me searching for a therapist because I know the things I’m feeling are not normal and I need someone to talk to about it
  • Watching the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs, even though they didn’t make it all the way. Still amazing.
  • Realizing how intricate the mind is and how easily things can go wrong, triggering a downward spiral of depression. (Not mine, but a family member’s that required an ER visit to the psych ward. A scary, scary day.)
  • Joining a new women’s Bible study.
  • Getting into a running groove and finally starting to feel like it was all coming just a little bit easier
  • Rejoining Weight Watchers and rededicating my life to health and wellness. And losing 3 pounds in the process.
  • Watching my nephew experience Disney World for the first time. Nothing like the most magical place on earth through the eyes of a three-year-old.
  • Meeting a new friend for coffee
  • Reading 8 books. This includes two 400+ page books. I don’t know how I did it, but I’m well on track to reading 75 books this year!

Don’t worry. My “Everyday Moments” post will be up tomorrow. I just wanted another way to remember the month by. What can I say? I’m forgetful. And don’t forget! I’m giving a way a copy of Jessica Keener’s book, Night Swim. Go here to read the review and enter! Giveaway ends on Wednesday at midnight.

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