Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everyday Moments: January 2012

1 - Taking down the Christmas decorations and putting our apartment back to normal

2 - A strong run

3 - A long, refreshing chat with my mom and grandma

4 - Breakfast for dinner. We went hog wild and bought cinnamon rolls to eat with it. I’m not even kidding when I say I was looking forward to those rolls all day.

5 - Waking up from a nightmare to find my mom alive and well. It was so scary and so vivid.

6 - Leaving work at 1pm to start my Orlando vacation! Also, a package in the mail that contained my new Kindle cover. And shopping at Premium Outlets in Orlando and getting some seriously good deals. (What can I say? It was a good day.)

photo (1)

7 - Watching my nephew experience Disney World for the first time.

photo (22)

8 - My mom finishing her second marathon, on a bum knee and fighting the mental battle to quit for a good part of the last half.

9 - Picking up Dutch from the boarder’s after a very long three days without him.

10 - Quiet moments before work, reading a fantastic book.

11 - Selecting a winner for our latest giveaway.

12 - Getting back into the mode of tracking what I eat.

13 - A nap after work

14 - The 49ers winning their playoff game.

15 - Sleepy snuggles and kisses with my favorite boy.

16 - Texts with a blog friend who completely gets me. And makes me feel less crazy.

17 - Joining a new Bible study and feeling so welcomed and accepted.

18 - A great loss on the scale

19 - A warmed-up chocolate chip cookie. Yes, it was 6 points but totally worth each point.

20 - A busy day at work after four very, very slow days.

photo (23)

21 - Sleeping in, a two-hour nap, and a very relaxing night in.

22 - Filing my tax return and finding out I’ll be getting enough to pay off my cruise deposit and pay for my excursions in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. AWESOME!

23 - A relaxing night of catching up on Bible study homework. The TV and laptop didn’t go on at all. It was divine!

24 - Staying in control of my eating, even when I didn’t want to.

25 - A great drop on the scale on a mentally tough week.

26 - Fun dinner with my co-workers.

photo (24)

27 - Babysitting my nephew who was in a super good, super fun mood.

photo (25)

28 - A coffee date with a new friend, buying a new Bible, and finally purchasing my bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding.

29 - A lunch date with my grandparents, a long afternoon nap, and #twookclub!

30 - A coworker brewing Columbian coffee when I got into work. I was functioning on 4.5 hours of sleep and needed something strong to get me through the day. It worked!

31 - 9 hours of sleep, speaking up more about scary, personal subjects in Bible study


Everyday Moments is a series I started after reading Kathleen’s posts about tiny moments of happiness that happened each day of the month. I keep a file on my computer and every day, I sit down and think about what made me happy that day. There’s always something to find, even on the worst days. This is my way of finding happiness in the little moments.

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