Friday, January 22, 2010

Another List for Friday

One of these days, I'm going to think of a catchy name for this. I was thinking on it a few days ago and thought to myself, "Oh! How about Five on Friday?!" And then I realized how familiar it sounded. So...yeah. Still thinking.
  • My grandma went in for a PET scan last week. Her last 3 have been clean, although on her last one, they found a spot of something on her lung. Since the doctors didn't know what it was, they weren't too concerned. Well, that spot has grown and is now cancer. Boo. There is good news, though. The cancer is small and treatable. It's only 10 millimeters long and she'll have to have surgery to remove it, and then take a chemotherapy pill. (Yes! A pill!) Luckily, the chemotherapy won't be as strong as it was her first time around so she won't be as incredibly sick and weak as she was before. Still, it's scary and I'm not very happy about this!
  • I've run into a big problem this week: lunch. I'm not a girl who likes to skip meals. I like to eat and get extremely cranky and weak if I don't get my nourishment. But I didn't seem to schedule enough time between work and classes and my internship to have time for lunch. The two days I'm having the most trouble with are Tuesdays and Thursdays when I go straight from work to a class and then have about 30 minutes between the end of class and the start of my internship. Only I have to use that time to change from Preschool Teacher (i.e., uniform, no make-up, messed-up hair) to Professional Intern. It doesn't leave a lot of time to eat lunch. I know I need to start scheduling my time better, because this can't continue! A busy girl needs food!
  • I'm really, really interested in buying my own domain. And I want to move this blog over to WordPress. I talked to two girls about it and am fairly certain of how to make the switch. But I need your help! Who would you recommend me buying a domain from? I've only really heard two names thrown around: Go Daddy and BlueHost. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE give me some ideas! I will love you forever and ever, amen.
  • Well, I'm now a freelancer for my school's newspaper. I was really upset I didn't make it on as a full-time staffer but this is probably a better situation for me. As a full-time staffer, I would've had to write 2 stories a week but a freelancer only has to write 2 stories a month. It'll probably be much easier to handle, but now I have to think of something to write about! Yikes!
  • Also, for all you football fans! GO COLTS this weekend! I'm not too picky on the NFC Championship game because it would be great to see Brett Favre in another Superbowl but then the Saints deserve a Superbowl trip, too! Both are extremely great football teams and I'm looking forward to a good game! (Although, I could care less about a good game with the AFC Championship game. I just want the Colts to beat up the Jets!)
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