Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trim Thursdays (Vol. 1)

A few weeks ago, I started a weight loss blog. And then I found out how hard it is to maintain two blogs. (And for anyone who can do this, I applaud you.) So I'm in the process of shutting down that blog and have introduced Trim Thursdays here at Stephany Writes! Catchy, huh? (No?)

Anyway, I want to talk a little about my approach to weight loss this time around. In the past I've tried a few different diets. I've tried the old-fashioned way of counting calories and exercising, which lasted for a few weeks. I've tried the Slim Fast diet but I could never stomach the shakes. They just taste plain nasty to me! And I've tried Weight Watchers, something I was fairly successful at.

In 2007, I tried a combination of counting calories and Weight Watchers and lost close to 20 pounds in 6 months. But when my schedule got super busy and chaotic, all my weight loss goals fell to the wayside and I gained those 20 pounds back - plus some more!

To say the least, I'm a little fed-up with dieting. I'm sick and tired of following some diet regime and failing after a few weeks. I don't want to feel like a failure anymore.

So I'm taking a different approach to my weight loss this time around.

I'm not counting calories. I'm counting exercise points. I'm not writing down every little thing I put in my mouth. I'm not joining a weight loss support group. I'm not restricting myself.

I'm choosing instead to live a healthier lifestyle. And while I'm not trying to fault anyone who is doing the above, it's just not for me. I've been there, I've done that, and I've failed miserably. Instead, I'm just going to think like a healthy person.

I'm going to watch what I put in my mouth and start cooking and preparing more healthier foods. I'm going to see what foods fuel me through the day and which ones leave me lethargic and sleepy by mid-afternoon. I'm going to incorporate more water, more fruits, more veggies, and more lean protein in my diet. I'm going to stay away as best I can from soda, greasy chips, and sugary foods.

I'm going to aim for 3-4 days of exercise, at least to start with. I'm going to train for a 5K and start lifting weights. I'm going to run a few races this year and prepare to run a half-marathon in 2011. I'm going to stop making excuses of why I can't exercise and just get out there and do it! Because I know I'll feel better if I do.

I'm going to stop weighing myself every week. Once a month, I'll step on the scale to weigh myself. And losing even a pound will be considered a victory - because that's one pound I didn't gain that month.

My weight loss will be slow. It won't come off like a Biggest Loser contestant. It may take them one week to lose 10 pounds, and it may take me 5 months to lose 10 pounds. But this is my weight loss and my approach to healthy living.

While the weight loss is great, I just want to be healthier. I want to feel lighter and more fit. If I'm 10 pounds overweight but can run a 5K in under 30 minutes, that means so much more to me than weight loss.

It's a different approach, and maybe one you're not taking. But I think it's the only way I can be happy with myself, my life, and my body if I do it this way.
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