Sunday, November 14, 2010

Confessions, Part 3

1. My mom and I recycle all of our bottles, cans, and paper. Unfortunately, we also gather them up by putting them into plastic bags, which kind of defeats the purpose of recycling. Every little bit helps, right?

2. My dog's stinky breath is one of the most comforting smell in the world to me.

3. My favorite dish when I was a young kid (talking ages 4-6) was black beans and rice. My best friend's mom used to make it for me whenever I came over.

4. When I was in 8th grade, I walked by two siblings having a fight before school on campus. The girl saw me watching her and yelled, "Are you enjoying the show?" to me. I still don't have a good comeback for this. 

5. When I was in kindergarten, we had circle time and on Mondays, we would go around and talk about our weekend. One of my classmates told a story about going camping with her family and her sister getting a bug stuck in her eye that her dad was able to get out. If not, the bug would have sucked all the blood from her body and she would die. IS THIS EVEN TRUE?! Every time I get anything stuck in my eye, I worry about dying suddenly.

6. I really, really, really want a Snuggie. And I want to buy my dog one. You can unfollow me now.

7. One of my favorite movies of all time is Shawshank Redemption. I'm not sure why because it's sort of gloomy and I'm not a gloomy movies type of person. But I love it.

8. There is no sport that fills me with such excitement and intense fear as football. Sometimes, I hate watching my own team (Miami Dolphins) because of how upset I get when they lose.

9. I love my short hair. But I want my long hair back.

10. The amount of cookies I have consumed in the past three months is sickening. As is the amount of cookie dough.

11. My favorite time of year is October - December. I hope I never lose my childish awe and excitement for the holiday season.

12. Being in journalism school has assured me that I want nothing to do with newspaper journalism.

13. I don't like Chipotle. I went once and wasn't impressed.

14. I wear my hair up in some sort of ponytail 95% of the time. I really can't stand to have my hair in my face. or bothering my neck.

15. I am pretty much an expert at NFL football picks. I've beaten my brother (and my dad, when the three of us were playing together) 4 years in a row. (And I'm up 3 games this season.)


  1. I have really been into the "reuse" and "reduce" part of recycling, which they say is the most important part of recycling. I refill my water bottles three times before tossing them in the recycle bin and I use reusable cloth shopping bags to save plastic bags. Our recycle bins are outside so it would be quite a trek to take every single little item out. I collect my recycling in the few plastic trash bags I get when I buy more groceries than I have reusable bags yeah, I guess it does defeat the purpose a little. Some reuse their trash bags. That just seems like it would be smelly!

  2. #4 made me laugh...I totally would not have a comeback for that either, haha!

  3. I adore the Shawshank Redemption! Such a great movie!!

    I really love this time of year too :)

  4. I don't like Chipotle either! All of my college friends loved it, and I just never understood!

  5. Oh, I love this post! And I love my Snuggie. :)

  6. I LOVE this! You really should write a book. I laughed so hard at #5 - I have no idea if that can really happen, but it's something I'd be afraid of, too....haha.

    I totally agree with you on the newspaper journalism part. And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates Chipotle! Their food is highly over-rated.

    P.S. You should buy your dog a Snuggie for Christmas. He'd love it.

  7. My favorite time in oct - february (cuz february is vday and vday = favorite holiday) but i hate hate hate christmas :( because since i remember my parents work on christmas day. But I love Decemeber because iCget to see all my friends who come home for the holidays. i suspect this will go away when they start popping out babies.

    4. "Kind of! I wish I had popcorn!"

    I love Chipotle but it is loaded in calories.

    5. lol cute :) Stephany, I can see us getting along in real life.

    P.S. Love the layout.

  8. I love the stinkiness of my dogs just in general. I especially love to smell their feet - they smell like corn chips. Also, Shawshank Redemption is one of MY favorite movies too!!! It is so so SO good.

    But the sheer ridiculousness of the Snuggie commercials really turns me off to them. But I might go for a doggie Snuggie!! ;)

  9. #5-LOL!!! I'm the same way should read my post about Rich Church (chills thinking his name!). My hair is a pony pretty much ALL the time and when I wear it down, everyone asks if I got my haircut. The amount of SUGAR I've had in the past couple months is ridiculous and I'm surprised I haven't passed out from sugar shock.

  10. Shawshank Redepmtion is also one of my favorite movies!

    It's also too bad you don't wear your hair down more than 5% of the time, your haircut is so darn cute! :)

  11. Ha ha. I go through phases where I always wear my hair up and can't handle it down and then phases (like right now) when it is always down. There's no logic to it.

  12. My dachshunds have the WORST breath too--why is that? Haha--I guess they get into too many things they shouldn't.

    Also, go for the Snuggies. They're adorable in them! We got some for Christmas last year--I think we're known as the crazy dachshund people in our families.

    (PS--Thank you for adding the Name/URL option for leaving comments! I love not having to change browsers now!)

  13. That's funny because I just told Tyler the other day that I want a Snuggie... even after saying it was stupid to have one when it was first popular. :-X

    And I love the holiday season too!!! I can't wait to enjoy it all!

  14. #2 made me laugh out loud!

  15. OMG Snuggies are the BEST! You should absolutely get one. Don't worry about being dorky. They are SOOOO worth it.

  16. Ha ha. The bug thing is NOT true. I have had bugs stuck in my eyes for about 10 minutes and that did not happen. ;)

    I always have my hair up too. When I wear it down people compliment me on my "hair cut." It's just my hair, down!

  17. My aunt (who lives in Hernando County) is a fan of the Dolphins. My family was always a fan on the Buccanneers. I don't watch NFL as much as I used to, and I don't know who I'd be rooting for if I did.

    I always wear my hair down, mostly because there are too many layers to wear it up, and I keep it too short.


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