Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Happy 2011!

Last year, I thought it was better to make three big resolutions. They were the three areas I struggle with the most and I wanted to gain control over them in 2010. I didn’t even come close. So, this year, I’m back to making smaller resolutions that will lead to completing this big goals I still have set for myself.

1. Get to my goal weight of 115 – 120 lbs. My biggest goal of 2011 and a goal I set for myself every year. Let’s make 2011 the year I can finally mark this goal completed and not have a repeat in 2012.

2. Run a half-marathon. I’m officially registered for the IronGirl Half-Marathon on April 10th. I start training in February and until then, I’m working on building up my running endurance. I think it’s what I needed to motivate me to keep running.

3. Graduate from college. God willing, this will happen on May 8, 2011. I haven’t even processed the fact that I will be a college graduate this time next year or that my life won’t be consumed by schooling after May. I am shaking with joy to finally be almost finished and ready to tackle the real world!

4. Read 100 books. A fairly achievable goal for me, someone who is always reading. I’ve never really calculated how many books I read in a year, so this will give me a way to track.

5. Begin working a full-time job, utilizing my degree. I’m not even a little bit certain of where I want to end up when I graduate, but I do know I want to be out of the preschool and working full-time at a more professional workplace.

6. Join a book club. Being a book nerd, I’ve always wanted to belong to a book club but I’ve never really taken the steps to find one. Come January, I will attend my first meeting and it is my hope that I find a place where I feel comfortable and a place where I can meet people.

7. Pay off all my credit cards. Currently, I have 3 cards that I need to get caught up. I’m ready to pay off my biggest one (80% of my debt) and I just need to gather up the courage to call my collection agency and put it into motion. (I’m nervous about what I need to say/do.) The other two credit cards should be paid off by June. My plan is to get rid of two of the cards, keeping the one my bank gave me.

8. Travel. I haven’t traveled out of state since 2007 and I’m desperately feeling the need to travel. I have my sights set on a trip after I graduate, either a cruise or a trip to NYC. And I hope I can visit some other states this year.

9. Complete Project 365. I tried this project a few months ago but I only got about a month in before I got overwhelmed. But I have a new, fancy camera and a determination to document my year, since I’m so bad at documenting things through pictures.

10. Begin therapy. I know therapy will be the stepping stone for me to begin working through all my feelings I shove into the back of my mind, never to be dealt with. But I am so, so scared to take that first step. To call up my school and ask for an appointment. To fill out paperwork. To have that first initial meeting. I’m scared I won’t connect with my therapist and I’ll be back to square one. But I have to try. I have to see if this is the road I need to take.


  1. These are some wonderful goals Steph. I hope you have a fantastic 2011 and that you get everything that you strive for. You deserve it.

  2. These are great goals! Happy New Year!

  3. You want to read a HUNDRED books?? That's ambitious, wow! :) I think this is a great list of goals, and I am sure you'll achieve every one of them. Happy new year!!

  4. Those are great goals!

    I agree with Emily Jane - 100 books? WOW! Haha. My goal is approximately 50 this year :)

  5. These are really good goals, and they seem really achievable. So many people (me) make such lofty, unattainable goals, but these seem perfect.

    Also, for collection agency calling: most of them are pretty nice about it if you're calling to pay off your debt. Remember, these are normal people who just have crappy jobs. But if you're trying to pay off your debt and work with them, usually they are pretty nice. Good luck!

  6. I am so so so so proud of you already for signing up for that Iron Girl... I cannot wait to see the training come together. That is absolutely amazing.

    And please come to me with any fitness or food goals in the year ahead... Someone is getting certified as a personal trainer very, very soon!

  7. The minute I buy myself a new camera I want to try project 365 again. I'm determined to get through it eventually!
    Also HOLY moly 100 books in one year? I only wish I could read that much! that's 2 books a week almost! lol

  8. These are great goals! I know you can do it. Also, therapy is truly amazing if you find the right match. I can honestly say it saved my life. I wish you the best as you work towards all of these!

  9. Love your goals, Stephany. Don't get too worked up about therapy--just give it your best shot and open up. If you don't connect, try again. I promise it's worth the trouble!

  10. All of these resolutions are totally awesome. I still have to come up with mine, eep! I can't wait to watch your year unfold & see these goals met.

  11. Awesome list!

    I failed my reading goal of 2010. I read 39.4 books instead of the 40 I aimed for. Ha :) 100 is AMAZING.

    I think therapy can do everyone some good. I'm glad you're starting it. :) Maybe one day when I'm rolling in dough, I'll go regularly.

  12. What a great list of goals! Right now, I'm averaging maybe one book a week (with my schedule), so I could probably only read around fifty books this year, at the MOST! Once school starts, though, I'm not sure I will be able to pull off a book a week.

  13. These are amazing goals Stephany! Meeting with a therapist is really scary initially, but even if you don't connect with them it's only that scary once. After that you know exactly what the sessions will be like and what to expect, which takes a lot of the scariness out of it. And the first session is only a getting to know you, so you get to figure out if you like them while making introductions, not while tackling scary stuff :) You'll do awesome!

  14. Holy moley - 100 books? Wow! That is crazy lady! I read 50 in 2010 and I feel like that was a lot and I read quite often!
    That is exciting that you registered for a 1/2! Good luck w/ the training! :)

  15. Great goals Stephany! You'll graduate on my birthday! Very awesome. Traveling out of state and visiting with blog friends is so much fun, definitely make some time to do it this year.

  16. Which training plan are you following for the half? I am excited you are doing one!

  17. These are really great goals! I have some similar ones, as were both in that last year of college boat. I love the 100 book idea, I should try to read 10! I think I only ended up getting a few read in 2010, what a bummer. Books are too good to be too busy for. If your scared about therapy, don't be, it's really helpful, and I think everyone should go talk to someone about their issues, cause we all got them. You will, over time, find the courage to open up and figure out some things you maybe never knew about yourself and how to feel differently about things that cause you pain and anxiety.
    Well, if you decide to travel and head up to PA/NY let me know, those are my stomping grounds :)


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