Friday, January 28, 2011

Vlog Fridays

Remember that time I asked you guys to comment one of my posts with questions and that I would begin vlogging on Fridays? No? Maybe because it was on November 19!

Oh, yes. It was a while ago. It’s always been in the back of my mind to get started with these questions, but I got caught up in school, the holidays, and other things that it kept falling to the wayside.

No more! I will be vlogging (almost) every Friday for as long as I have questions to answer. I like the different aspect vlogging gives to blogging, so I basically want every single one of you to go out and record a vlog this weekend. Homework! I want to hear your voices! :)

This is my first vlog of the series, a little explanation and diving right into Jen’s question.

Comment and tell me whether you voted in the November election, and/or to ask me a question!


  1. Cute idea! (Vlogging on Fridays, I mean!)

    I'm Canadian, so I obviously didn't vote in the elections that you're talking about, but I always vote, when there's an opportunity to. I just feel like it's an important thing to do, to speak your voice and actively participate in what is happening in your country. (I know some people think there vote isn't going to make a difference, but I still feel like getting out there and having your say is really important.)

    I'll try and think of some questions for you :)

  2. I am a political science geek. I take my civic duty seriously, and it's a right that I have, so might as well exercise it. In other words, I vote in almost every election, even the smaller ones. I do believe that all votes count because it's how our voices are heard, you know?

  3. Well considering I'm a politics nerd of course I voted!

  4. Aw, what a great idea! You're so vlog-genic (that's my new twist on photogenic, hah!) ANYWAYS if it helps, I've never even voted yet! I'm 21 & there hasn't been an election recently enough for me to be able to keep up & make an educated vote.

    Looking forward to these Friday vlog thingies. I think when I get more followers I may join you and make a couple of them too. It looks like fun!

  5. Haha what a great idea! I love your facial expressions! And hooray for voting!

  6. I was actually going to post a video tonight.... not of a vlog or anything, but something else. Don't make fun of my voice! Haha. ;)

    I voted in the mid-term elections! :D

    Let's see: a question.... hmmmmmmm..... Would you rather be super hot or super cold for the rest of your life?

  7. Aw, it was great to hear your voice/see your face! Your voice actually listens like i expected it, actually! :)

    I did vote in the November election and I have voted in every election (well, every major election, so every 2 years)!

  8. I loved seeing/hearing you! Can't wait for the next installment.

    I've voted in every election held since I was 18 - not always happy with the end results, but I still want to get my two cents in.

  9. Stephany this is an awesome idea!!! I am INSPIRED!!! Might have to do this on me own bloggity! ;)

  10. PS - You are soo cute!!! I love your glasses. :)

  11. I forgot (:() to be fair, I live in Australia...and so I forgot to reregister and get an absentee ballot sent over to me. I feel the guilt.

  12. You're so cute and funny!

    I did vote this November. I just voted (mostly) along my party-line.

    I think it's great both you and your mom voted! People should exercise their right to vote. :)

    P.S. I was not bored! But if you do end up with the 7 minute ones I might not watch them all ;) Hee hee - I am teasing!

  13. I voted! :) First time since becoming a US citizen last summer.


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