Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Ask, I’ll Answer

One of my favorite blog feature of any blog is the Q&A. I always find it interesting to read what other people are curious about and the answers given. I’m planning on making some of my Five For Friday posts into Q&A’s because I’m sure some people have lots of questions about me. (Plus, I totally failed at answering all the questions asked for Vlog Fridays that I feel like I owe you guys.)

I’m using Formspring this time around, so you can send me anonymous questions if that’s your desire or sign it with your name. I’m sincerely hoping I don’t get any nasty questions or comments by using this but we’ll see. Internet trolls aren’t known for their niceness.

I’ll start answering questions this Friday, provided I receive enough questions. Get cracking!

Oh, and if you haven’t heard? I TOTALLY GOT A JOB YESTERDAY! Read my exciting announcement here. More details to come!

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