Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Grocery Dilemma



My mom and I have a serious problem. A serious spending problem. In August alone, we have spent around $710 on groceries.

For two people.

That’s ridiculous.

When I read about others’ grocery budgets and bills, I am in awe of how little you manage to spend. I know eating healthy is more expensive than eating junk, but I also know you can eat healthy on a budget.

Our problem doesn’t simply lie with our weekly trips to Publix, it’s also those little midweek trips we like to take when we only need to buy a few things, but always seems to be at least $30.

I need your help, blog friends. In a big way. How the heck do you guys keep your grocery bills so low?!

Here are some statistics on our grocery problem:

  • Toiletries are included in the $710. We’re thinking of doing a separate biweekly toiletries trip at Target. How do you shop for toiletries?
  • We usually buy our meat in small quantities, to only use for one meal. This tends to be very wasteful, though, so is bulk the way to go?
  • We buy our fruit/veggies at the grocery store. Our Farmer’s Market doesn’t open until October 1st.
  • We only buy weekly now, though I would like to switch to biweekly.
  • We do use coupons, but only the ones from the Sunday paper generally and they don’t yield us a whole lot in savings.

There is a Sam’s Club 6 miles from where I live and a Costco around 8 miles from me. While I would like to start shopping at a bulk-food store, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Is it worth it?

Any help, tips, and/or smacks upside the head for being such a shopping dimwit are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Wow, that does seem like a lot to spend on groceries. I live alone so it's a little easier when shopping for one, but I thnk I spend around $50/week?? So $200/month? I think there are some things you can buy in bulk. But it depends on how much storage you have. I know what stores have better prices on things like canned food (like beans and soup, etc) and other non-perishables like that. I had to really buckle down last year when I left my job and started a new job, and I really leanred how to grocery shop and spend way less. I don't have any great tips, though, but hopefully others do/did!


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