Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everyday Moments: August 2011

Instead of my usual monthly recap posts, I wanted to copy something Kathleen has been doing for the past few months. Finding little happiness in the every day moments of the month. Here we go!

1 - VEDA starts

2 - Being told that I could make Friday my last day, instead of the following Tuesday like I thought.

3 - Boot camp being easier than it was on Monday.

4 - A needed nap

5 - Last day of work!

6 - A pedicure and shopping for my new job

7 - Sleepover with my nephew


8 - Being awoken by my nephew chanting, “Titi Steph! Titi Steph!”

9 - A much-needed day of nothing. No work, no to-dos to complete, just rest and relaxation.

10 - An amazing first day at work


11 - NFL preseason kicks off

12 - Leaving work for lunch for the first time. It felt so nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air that I need to make it more of a habit.

13 - Seeing my mom reach Lifetime status on Weight Watchers again

14 - A beautiful 3-hour nap

15 - Finishing a boot camp class, even when I felt like I was going to pass out since I didn’t fuel correctly beforehand

16 - Finding out there is a Chick-Fil-A half a mile from my work. Score!

17 - Being more busy at work. I’m still doing a lot of clerical tasks, but it’s something!

18 - Being known as a regular in spin class.

19 - Finishing my first 40-hour work week

20 - Seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love and falling back in love with Ryan Gosling. And his abs.

21 - Spectating at my mom’s 5K and being so proud of her. She ran on the most hilly course I’ve ever been on (I ran the course last year) and was less than 30 seconds behind her PR. She rocks my socks.


22 - Getting bragged on by my boss

23 - Snuggles with Dutch.

24 - Scoring free tickets to see “The Help”, which also meant I got out of boot camp. Score! (Side note: movie was amazing. Everyone needs to see it.)

25 - #SummerofHarry chat, talking about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

26 - My first time speaking up in a meeting

27 - A day of shopping, including buying a new pair of “running” shoes (calling them sneakers or tennis shoes makes me feel like I’m eight). My last pair I bought last September so I was desperately in need of new ones!


28 - Fantasy football draft party with my brother

29 - My brother coming over to pick up some things and having dinner with him. Weekday dinners with him are few and far-between and I loved it so much.

30 - Feeling so completely sore from boot camp, from my triceps to my upper back to my butt to my ankles. I was beat up on Monday night and it feels so good to be sore like this.

31 - Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I spent all morning filing and labeling folders, so I needed a comfort food break.


  1. Wow! Lots of great things happening in your life. Sounds like your first weeks at work are going well! That is just great to hear!!! And congrats to your mom for hitting lifetime again!

  2. Sounds like a great month! You are really rocking it with the boot camp!


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