Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Mac or PC?


1. Mac or Windows? (Or Linux for you super geeks!)

I use Windows right now but I will be switching over to Mac soon. The laptop I have now is on its last leg (it needs a new battery + a new power cord) and I’m just ready for a change. I’ve wanted a Mac for years and I’m finally going to get myself one. I’m super excited, but holding off until probably the new year to buy it. (A car comes first!)

2. What drew you to that operating system?

The price, to be honest. My old Toshiba laptop had died a few months earlier and I was saving up to buy the cheapest laptop I could that would also work well for all my school projects and Internet things I would be doing. My old Toshiba had lasted 5 years while I had gotten an HP laptop in 2006 that died within 2 years so I definitely wanted to stick with a Toshiba. This one was about $450 total which was within my budget. It’s been a good computer, but I’m just ready for a change.

3. Mice - wireless or wired? Mousepad or none?

I don’t use a mouse, just the trackpad that’s on my laptop. Since I rarely use my computer on a level surface, there’s really no point. But to answer the question, wireless and with a mousepad. Using one without just feels funny!

4. Other than the Internet - what do you use your computer most for?

To write blogs that will go on the Internet? Honestly, take away the Internet, and there’s not much I do on this thing! Hehe. I should be doing more writing but I never seem to get around to it.

5. What’s one computer-related thing you wish you were best at? (CSS, Photoshop, Excel, etc.)

I would really like to be better at HTML/CSS. I know the basics of it, but not enough to do anything with it. I can tweak blog designs, but nothing more than that.

6. Describe the first time you ever used a computer.

I believe it was this big, clunky computer we got from a friend. I wrote a story on it, my first ever!, about a kindergarten class. It was pretty awful and boring. I also played Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? That game was super fun.

7. How often do you upgrade to a new operating system?

Every few years when I get a new computer. I wish I had Windows 7 on this computer. My mom has it on hers and it’s really awesome. 

8. Are you a shortcutter (CTRL + C) or a right-clicker?

Usually, I right click. It’s something I’ve become so used to, and it drives me crazy that you can’t do that in Google Docs. I almost always highlight the entire selection I want to copy, right click, forget I can’t use that option, and have to rehighlight the whole selection to do CTRL + C. It’s really very annoying.

9. Is computer use a constant thing in your life (such as using it at both work and home) or do you get a break (because you don’t use them at work)?

At my old job, it wasn’t a constant thing but it will be at my new job. In a way, this excites me because I like being connected but in a way, it makes me fear what my home life will resemble since I’ll be using it so much at work. I don’t know if I’ll still be as connected at home or will want a break from it. Time will tell!

10. Where do you think the world would be if personal computers did not exist?

I think we would have found something else to occupy our time with. I have no idea what it would be but we have been constantly evolving with the way we live from the beginning of time so I’m pretty sure there would be something else to make our lives easier, if not for the personal computer.

Ten on Tuesday is run by Chelsea of Roots and Rings. Questions from Kara of Chatter.

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