Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wine and Love, v.5

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Wine-ing about...

Boot camp. I’m not very pleased with the woman trainer. Let me say I love the male trainer and I wish we had opted to do personal training with him, but I cannot stand the female trainer (also the lead). She’s very condescending towards me and I get this feeling that she doesn’t think I can do all that much. I have done every group fitness class aside from yoga at the gym and I can keep up with them all. I am not weak and, as a trainer, you need to show me I am stronger than I believe. On Wednesdays, when it’s a full group, all her focus is on the women with 0% body fat who probably run 6-minute miles. She works with them more than us, which makes no sense to me at all. I feel as if we’re pushed aside because we’re fat, while they’re glorified because of their hot bodies. It’s very discouraging and I wish I hadn’t wasted $70. (Or rather, my mom hadn’t wasted $140 for both of us.)

Our apartment. We (reluctantly) told our complex we were going to be renewing our lease. It’s been 10 days and we still have not received our lease to sign. We were told we would have it by the end of last week but my mom has called the office repeatedly and it’s as if they don’t even know our lease is up for renewal! They are up to their eyeballs in renovations and it’s leaving no room for them to keep up with everything else. They are so unorganized and it’s making us doubt our decision to stay here. When we moved in, the apartment manager Heather made us feel like we were VIPs and she knew exactly who were, what apartment we lived in, and what our goals in life are. This new management is terrible and more focused on improving the outside of the complex and not worried one iota about pleasing the residents inside the complex.


My new job. I promise a nice long update once I get more settled into my new role, but so far, so good. My first day went exceptionally well and I look forward to gaining more experience, taking on more responsibilities, and learning all I can. And I now have a Big Girl company e-mail. If that doesn’t make someone feel like an adult, I don’t know what will!

Feeling more in control. My eating habits haven’t been excellent this week, but I haven’t felt as out of control as I have in the past few weeks. I still have a lot of changes to make and surprisingly enough, I think my job will help me with my constant afternoon snacking. I can eat a good breakfast before work now, bring a healthy lunch and healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day. I won’t have my entire fridge, freezer, and pantry to choose from anymore. ;)

Nephew time. My mom and I watched my nephew from Sunday night until Monday late afternoon. My SIL’s father had to have surgery and we volunteered to watch the little monster for her. This kid is the most strong-willed and stubborn one I have ever met, but he is so hilarious and cute that it makes up for it all. Also? Waking up the my nephew chanting “Titi Steph! Titi Steph!” may be the best way to wake up ever.

Big Brother. Oh, my goodness. This show. THIS! SHOW! In a way, I’m glad it’s only for a few months during the summer because I can’t take the stress of this show. This week was insane. So many ups and downs! Jeff and Jordan may be my favorite couple of all time, I must admit. I kinda adore them and would like an invite to their wedding, please and thank you.

What is your wine and love for this week?

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