Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Christmas Wish List

I’ve never done one of these Christmas wish lists posts and to be honest, it feels a little weird. But I’m still posting this because I’ve loved reading what others are wishing for this Christmas. I absolutely love Christmas and creating a wish list is part of that excitement. I mean, what other time of the year do I get to lay out a list of things I’m currently coveting?

Without further ado, here is my list!

1. A new cover for my Kindle
When I got my Kindle this Spring, I bought a hot pink cover to go with it. After 7-8 months with it, it’s getting worn out and I’m a little sick of looking at it. Amazon itself has nice covers, but I’ve had my eyes on a few cute designs from Etsy.

L - R: ServicePartner Kindle Hardcover Cover ($27); dobeeubags “Plum Antiquity” ($42); dobeeubags “Aviary 2 Sparrows Bark” ($38); ServicePartner “Woodgrain”, personalized ($31)

2. Running capris
I’ve been coveting fitted running capris for a while now and I think I need them in my life since I’m running (ha!) more regularly. The pair below is from Lululemon, the Run: Inspire Crop II. They are $86. I do not believe I need a pair of EIGHTY-SIX dollar pants that I’m just going to sweat in. (Unless, of course, they will cure my ankle pain to help me run longer and faster.) Target offers a similar pair for under $30. I like that option better.


3. A new pair of boots.
I own a pair of Fuggs (fake Uggs). I love my Fuggs. And while Florida has been HOT lately (it was in the 70s for Thanksgiving), one always needs to be prepared. And I need some nice boots to wear to work on those (infrequent) cold days. My favorites from are below.

boot3 boot1 boot2

L-R: Report Footwear “Divan”, Christin Michaels “Marlah”, Madden Girl “Zeda

4. An umbrella
Umbrellas are those purchases you never think to make until you need it (read: a rainy day). And goodness, what kind of boring Christmas wish list is this? An umbrella? I guess I really am turning into an adult. This one is my favorite:


5. Frames for my diplomas
My wish list is getting very boring. But these are things I NEED and never think to buy for myself. So these are going on the list.


6. Vera Bradley
I have a slight obsession with all things Vera Bradley and really could care less if you think her designs look like something your grandmother would have. Just a few of the things on my wish list:


L-R: Hipster in Mocha Rouge ($58), Laptop Sleeve in Happy Snails ($38), Pleated Tote in Purple Punch ($60)

7. Amazon Gift Cards
I feel like gift cards are “cheating” for Christmas but seriously, I could put these to so much good use. I use the “1-click” button on Amazon frequently.


What’s on your list this holiday season?

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