Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everyday Moments: November 2011

1 - Writing over 2,000 words during my first day of NaNoWriMo

2 - Running for 20 minutes straight for the first time ever. And it felt... easy?

3 - A lunch outing with co-workers

4 - Wearing boots for this first time this season

photo (4)

5 - A new hairstyle

6 - Rocking a 5K race and a lunch date with my grandparents

photo (8)

7 - A shopping trip at Marshall’s that yielded me two shirts and a sweater for under $25

8 - Making it through a tough BodyPump class where I did EIGHTY-THREE squats during the first half of the squat track. That’s just... no. Not right.

9 - Snuggles and kisses with Dutch

10 - Sleepover with my nephew

11 - Getting a raise at work

12 - Running 2 miles without stopping (!!) and meeting Amber

13 - Watching the SFvNYG game with my brother. He’s a little insane when he watches his Niners, but it’s still so much fun to watch football with him. Also? Watching my nephew have conversations with Dutch. PRICE! LESS!

photo (9)

14 - A quiet lunch at Panera

15 - Locking in my days off for November and December. I had 5 days (+ one “shopping day” my bosses gave to everyone) to use up so starting Thanksgiving week, I will have at least one day off for the next eight weeks.

16 - Feeling skinny

17 - A dark chocolate Dove bar

18 - Coming home from a draining day at work to see my nephew at my place. Love.

19 - Buying an adorable coat and scarf for $25 from Old Navy. (They were having a crazy 75% off outerwear sale. My coat was $15!)

20 - Shopping for the the first Thanksgiving hosting gig for my mom and I

21 - Getting in a good morning workout so I could come home after work and RELAX. It made me happy all day.

22 - Feeling completely settled and happy

23 - Leaving work an hour before quitting time and knowing I have six days all to myself

24 - A drama-free, stress-free Thanksgiving with the people I love the most

25 - Going to the Sea World Christmas Celebration

photo (10)

26 - Buying a dresser from IKEA and my brother coming over that night to help me put it together. (And by help, I mean he did it all by himself with me standing by...)

27 - Our first #twookclub chat. There are some things to change but ultimately a GREAT success!

28 - Turning 24

29 - A relaxing day off, where I took a 3-hour mid-morning nap and caught up on my DVR. Splendid.

30 - A small birthday celebration at work

photo (12)

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