Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Week: Confessions

Last year, I did my own little holiday confessions. I haven’t done a confessions post in a while so it was definitely time, and after seeing Nora and Lisa post about theirs? Well, I just had to!

1. I have never seen the movie Love Actually. I hear it's one of the best movies to watch at Christmastime?

2. We are having a warm Christmas this year (high of 81 on Christmas Eve and high of 75 on Christmas) and I love it! I am a true Florida girl.

3. When my nephew came over on Saturday, we had to hide all our presents in my closet. It's been four days and I still haven't moved them all back to under the tree.

4. This is the first year that I've actually kept up exercising & (somewhat) healthy eating habits throughout the month of December. And last Saturday, I got on the scale to see I had LOST a pound since the beginning of the month. There's a first time for everything, I guess!

5. I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve night.

6. Two of my must-haves in my stocking are the Snickers nutcrackers and a chocolate orange.

7. I haven't listened to much Christmas music this year. Usually, I'm all over that and I'm not sure why I've been so meh about them this year. Maybe the spring-like temperatures?

8. Not spending a December entrenched in finals and finishing up coursework is very weird. Awesome, but weird.

9. I really, really, really love receiving presents. (What? You're lying if you say you don't as well! If we didn't love receiving gifts, why would we give gifts? Hm...)

10. My dad wasn't much for holidays so it doesn't bother me too much that he's not around for another Christmas. It's more of the little everyday moments that bother me more.

11. The only time our lights stay on all night is on Christmas Eve.

12. Speaking of lights, I've been bad at even turning them on this year. There have been more than a few nights when they don't go on at all. (I *swear* I'm not a Scrooge!)

13. I think the peppermint mocha and/or frappuccino served at Starbucks is nasty. After a while, it just feels like you're drinking toothpaste.

14. My mom has already seen one of the presents (a big one) she's getting. That's what happens when you shop at Target together.

15. I didn’t stay anywhere near my $200 budget for Christmas gifts.

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