Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: A Year in Review

It seems as if everyone else is reviewing this year in their own special way. I haven't been too happy with 2009. It hasn't been as heartbreaking as 2008 was but nothing special or exciting happened. It just happened.

January: I began school for what seemed like the second time, this time as a Journalism major. I was still busy on the job hunt. Dutch came into our lives and brightened every moment. The Dolphins went to the playoffs and lost in the first round to the Ravens. Obama was inaugurated. I got 2 blog comments on two separate blog posts and began discovering the world of blogging.

February: Just as I was discovering the world of blogging, my computer crashed. My mom and I hosted our fifth Superbowl and the Steelers won. I started working at a preschool, with infants. Since we had no money to fix our computer, much of my free time was spent at the library working on homework.

March: My mom and I tried out a new church, and ended up loving it. I caught a 24-hour bug that knocked me down for an entire day. We still were computer-less. One of my closest friends got married, and I was a bridesmaid for the very first time. I helped out in the two-year-old room at my work, and ended up loving it so much that the lead teacher in the room and I begged our director to keep me in there for good.

April: We bought a $117 plug for the computer, which ended up being the solution to the problem. I went to a Caregiver's Celebration at work. I spent over 6 hours working on a project for one of my classes, and ended up getting an A+ on it. Classes ended for the semester, and I received 2 A's in both classes. I moved from Wordpress to BlogSpot and started the blog, Classy and Sassy. I also joined Twitter.

May: I began working with the two's for good. I spent way too much money on my mother for Mother's Day. (But she deserved it.) I switched from my close-to-dead Motorazr with no Internet capabilities to a beautiful Samsung Instinct, a touchscreen with amazing Internet capabilities.

June: Our computer crashed again, this time for good. I had to switch to glasses for good, when I threw my last pair of contacts out and didn't have extra money to order new ones. I decided to keep the glasses.

July: My mom and I took my twin cousins to The Pier for the fireworks show on the Fourth of July. We gave my grandparents a 50th Anniversary party but ended up getting rained out. I also found out I would get a deferment until October 30th for my tuitio
n and my Bright Futures scholarship had been reinstated.

August: Mom and I had a 5-day staycation at the beginning of August. We relaxed at home, mainly, and took a day trip to Orlando to go to Sea World. My mom and I started apartment hunting. My hours at work changed from 11am-6pm to 7am-1pm. I spent one paycheck this month paying off my tuition and the other on a new computer. Registered for classes for fall. I started this blog. I started fall semester.

September: My mom and I moved into our new, much less expensive apartment. I learned there was no "free" Internet connection. I had a three-way phone conversation with two lovely blog friends. I battled with school stress. I started to take blogging much more seriously. My nephew turned 1. I scheduled more in-person interviews this month than I ever have before. (Two.) I tried to lose weight.

October: I joined Weight Watchers, again. My gra
ndma got a PET scan, which turned up clear, marking an entire year she's been cancer-free. I debated between glasses or contacts, long hair or short hair, Spark People or Weight Watchers. We got Internet installed.

November: I started blogging through my years in school. I tried my hand at NaNoWriMo, and failed miserably. I was offered an internship for the next semester. I lost my cell phone. I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in my life. I lost 5 pounds. I managed to run/walk in a 10K on Thanksgiving. I turned 22. I got my hair cut and colored for this first time since March and July, respectively.

December: I finished classes for fall semester, ending with 3 A's and a B+. The internship I was offered was approved by my university. I decided to stop attending Weight Watchers until January. I bought tons of Christmas presents and actually had money to do it this year, as opposed to my jobless state last year.
My mom bought me an iPod Touch for Christmas, among tons of other fun "toys".

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