Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flab to Fab: Does This Make Me a Winner?

Week #2 on the program didn't fare so well. I actually gained half a pound. I knew a 3-lb weight loss was too good to be true! I'm not sure if the "second week curse" applies to normal folk as well as Biggest Loser contestants, but I'm using it for the reasoning behind my weight gain!

Other factors were at play:
1. I didn't track well. In fact, the first time I tracked was on Monday, four days behind. Not good. I had to try and think back to what I ate and I'm sure I miscounted or forgot food.
2. I didn't use up all of my extra points. While many people don't even touch these beautiful lifesavers, my mom found out in her go-around with Weight Watchers that she lost more weight when she used up all her extra points. I think I still had around 15 or so at the end of the week.
3. I didn't eat enough, and what I did eat wasn't "filling foods". Filling foods is the cornerstone of Weight Watcher's Momentum plan, in which if we eat more foods that are filling, we are less likely to snack on junk. I mainly snacked on junk.
4. I weighed in a day earlier! Hey, this could be it! I've been a Thursday weigh-in girl for a few years now so weighing in on a Wednesday may have messed with my system. (Although we're thinking of switching to Wednesday meetings now. I love the leader we had!)
5. I didn't eat breakfast all week, which has always been a problem for me. I'm not a breakfast eater. Even though I get hungry for breakfast, it's never anything more than a granola bar. I read an article in Shape magazine that breakfast should actually be our biggest meal of the day which makes total sense. Dinner should be our smallest meal, when it's usually our biggest. What we eat for breakfast will fuel us for the rest of the day. Dinner is just fueling us as we wind down for the day and hit the hay.

I'm really going to try to track a lot better this week. I've been tracking all of today and marking off any healthy guidelines I make.

I also need to start eating breakfast, obviously. This is my other goal I'm working on this week. I want foods that are high in fiber and protein. So I've made a short list of some breakfast items I'd like:
1. Whole-wheat bread, toasted, with peanut butter
2. A hard-boiled egg, without the yolk
3. String cheese

I don't have time to sit down and eat, even when I'm at work. I need something I can make and eat on the way to work or take nibbles at when I am at work. These three options are my best bet, but I thought some of my lovely blog readers could help me out.

What do you eat for breakfast? What kinds of things could I add onto my list?
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