Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday (v.10)

1 – I’m bring back and oldie (but an goody!) with Seven Quick Takes Friday. The last time I did a “Quick Takes” post was April of 2010! Whoa. Oh, and do I remember that time of my life so well. That was when I was in the midst of my craziest semester ever. I am so glad that season of my life is over. And to keep things interesting, some of my Project 365 photos will be sprinkled throughout!

2 – I have readers email me infrequently to talk to me about my Letters to My Future Husband series. And it’s always fun to respond back, because it’s the #1 way people find my blog through searches. I had a girl email me this past week with a simple, “I came to your page after I started doing my journal entries. I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one! Thanks for letting my heart rest easy.” Sigh. I love that. I emailed back and in the process, we have spent the past week emailing back and forth, telling each other our stories and finding peace in the fact that God somehow put us together, at a time when my heart was in turmoil. I just imagine He’s smiling down at his handiwork with each email we send.


3 – It’s been a crazy week here in my life. On Friday, my mom texted me and told me her work was sending her on a cruise in June. She was allowed to bring a guest, so I had a lot of thinking to do. For one, we are going on a cruise the third week of May and I’ll be taking an entire week off work for that. The June cruise would be a 4-day one, so I would only need to take a half-day on a Thursday, and a full day off on a Friday. But still. Asking time off five weeks after being off for a week? I cringed. But I asked and my boss was completely, 100% OK with it. That was my biggest obstacle and I thought to myself, When am I going to have the chance to go on TWO cruises in one summer? So I’m going. On two cruises. This summer. How crazy does that sound? Let the excursion planning begin! (And the saving. Oh, the saving!)

4 – My entire weekend was spent spending, spending, spending. I had the money to do so and had fantastic luck at the mall and Marshall’s. (Side note: I used to detest that store, but now it is my *favorite* place to shop for clothes. So cheap! So cute!) I picked up two cute dresses, a new pair of jeans, and several shirts, including two new undershirts from Old Navy.


5 – I’ve been really disappointed in myself for how I’m doing with Weight Watchers. I’ve tried a few different times writing about it but the words just aren’t coming. Suffice it to say, I wanted my word for 2012 to be health but I can’t seem to break the cycle of unhealthy living. Every day, I set out with great intentions but I keep slipping up. And while I know the steps I need to take to break the cycle, sometimes it’s very hard to put it into action.

6 – Today, my nephew is having surgery to get his tonsils removed. Ironically, it is the same surgery I had when I was four. His surgery is happening this morning and I'm going to be a nervous wreck until it is over and done with. Say a few prayers for him, please?

On that same note, my grandma has her last CyberKnife treatment today. She had to go in four times for this where she has to lie completely still (they strap her down, even her head!) for about an hour while lasers shoot all around her. She can't do anything but lie there. I. Would. Go. Crazy. But knowing my grandma, she's lying there reciting Bible verses and praying during that time.


7 – Sunday night, the March book for #twookclub is announced! Have you voted yet? The votes for all five books are so tight that I’m not sure at all which book will win! Go here to vote.

And one last thing! I’m giving away a pre-made template from Yellow and Savvy Design’s Etsy shop. Giveaway ends on Monday night and you have THREE ways to enter.

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